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The 19 Sources of Retirement Income: Annuity Income

In this episode, John continues his series on the 19 Sources of Retirement Income, explaining how using an annuity can help take the pressure off your other income sources in retirement.

John is the author of 5 Ways Your Wealth is Under Attack and It’s Your Wealth – Keep It.” He has lectured extensively on financial planning and is a recipient of the Five StarSM Wealth Manager Award.

Don’t miss John’s key points:

  • First thing to remember, nonqualified (non-IRA) annuities can provide a predictable income stream in retirement.
    • Because of this, they remove a certain amount of risk from your retirement
    • They can take some of the pressure off your other retirement income streams.
  • A fixed annuity can give you a predictable interest rate.
  • Similar to a CD, the longer you leave your money in an annuity, the more interest you receive over time.
  • Finally, a fixed nonqualified annuities are tax-advantaged. 

What’s more:

  • There are other types of annuities that allow you to participate in the market. Many of these are tax-deferred products.
  • Further, several different riders (lifetime income, long-term care, joint life—and many more) may be available on your annuity contract for a fee. They will be different according to your age, risk factors, and the offerings of the insurance company.
  • Finally, the 2019 SECURE Act made it much easier for guaranteed income annuities to be part of employer-sponsored retirement programs, and made it possible to take that annuity with you when you leave a job.

In summary, annuities are not miracle products—there is no miracle product. However, taking multiple products and combining them in a coordinated fashion can help you reduce risk. They can also help reduce taxation, and increase income in retirement.

For more, listen here. Then download our 19 Sources of Retirement Income and find out more ways to increase your retirement income. If you are new to Smallwood Wealth, schedule a Wealth Curve Conversation by clicking this link.

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Guaranteed rates quoted on annuity products are subject to the financial stability and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. The rates shown are obtained from the website mrannuity.com and are effective as of date stated. While we believe this information to be valid we cannot guarantee its accuracy or timeliness. Many annuities include various surrender charges for early withdrawals. Be sure to obtain full product information from our financial professionals before considering any product. Please be sure to ask any questions to your financial professional.


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