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Does my portfolio fit me?

Asset Class Investing: All You Need To Know

In this episode, John talks about returns on asset class investing and the value of having a diverse portfolio.

John has lectured extensively on financial planning and is the author of 5 Ways Your Wealth is Under Attack and It’s Your Wealth – Keep It.

John’s strength is his ability and commitment to improve the level and quality of the financial planning process.

His dedication to his clients’ growth involves an evolving strategy. His focus is to meet the demands, desires, and needs of his clients in a changing economic environment.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from John in this episode:

Part I:

  • How to read BlackRock’s chart of asset class investments. (Think of it like the Periodic Table of Elements―it’s the Periodic Table of Investments.)
  • How to adjust your investments to help reduce volatility over time.
  • How to avoid chasing the best return for the previous year or quarter or the top-performing mutual fund, or whatever that asset may be.

Part II:

  • John’s key insights from a close reading of the chart:
  • Risk levels change depending not only on asset class, but time frame.
  • The higher the volatility, the lower the return in the long term.
  • There is a lot of volatility in the top-performing asset classes. When you take a diversified approach, you’ll aim for a middle of the road performance. But it will have low volatility.
  • When constructing a portfolio the goal should be to diversify the assets to give you exposure to all classes. It’s impossible to predict which asset is going to outperform the asset class of the previous year. The goal is to get to that middle of the road position.

We know that your asset class investing strategy needs to fit in your entire financial strategy. We want to help you come up with the right mix in a diverse portfolio that meets your long-term goals. Give us a call at 732-542-1565 or schedule a Wealth Curve Conversation here.

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Asset Class Investing Episode



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