How To Gain New Sources of Income And Retire with Confidence


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How To Gain New Sources of Income And Retire with Confidence

In this episode, John pushes beyond social security, pensions, and 401Ks to introduce 19 sources of income in retirement. He will cover each source in depth in future episodes.

John is the author of 5 Ways Your Wealth is Under Attack. He has lectured extensively on financial planning and has received the Five StarSM Wealth Manager Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Don’t miss John’s takeaways:

  • Having more sources of retirement income gives you redundancies and backups.
  • Having diverse sources of retirement income gives you protection from market volatility.
  • Having more and diverse sources of retirement income gives you greater efficiency in your taxes, now and in the future.
  • Each income stream will have its own way of being taxed, and you can learn how to maximize the tax benefits to you.
  • Having an efficient tax strategy allows you to leave assets to family members, but also gives you the enjoyment of all the hard work you’ve put in!
  • We help you craft a plan that allows you to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement.

For more, listen above. Download the 19 Sources of Retirement Income Guide, then schedule a time to come talk to us. We’ll take stock of your current retirement income streams and strategize how to diversify them. Visit us at smallwoodassociates.com and click the “let’s get started” button, connect with us on social media, or call us at (800) 797-1000.

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